• Upgrading to the New Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Just Because We Love Technology Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Have Fashion Sense
  • Save Time and Money Buying Event Tickets Online
  • Instagram Marketing Guide: How to Utilise Instagram Followers for Your Business
  • Save Time, Money and Energy With Nursing Student Scheduling Software

Upgrading to the New Samsung Galaxy S7

It is that time of the year where all mobile device manufacturers prepare their wares in anticipation of a Christmas shopping rush. For those who are looking to buy bleeding edge phone technological gift this Christmas, the Samsung Galaxy S7 (and accompanying edge model) are a no-brainer. Let’s take a look at what you get. Screen and Display The shining star for any mobile device is the make of the…


Just Because We Love Technology Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Have Fashion Sense

A lot of people in society associate anybody who has an interest in technology as nerds with bad fashion sense but high intelligence. Just like all nerds aren’t actually smart, not all techies lack fashion sense. This winter, let your inner fashionista shine with an entirely new look from Herbergers.com without blowing your bank! Here are some of our suggestions on how to keep yourself looking great without emptying your…


Save Time and Money Buying Event Tickets Online

We all love to watch movies, music shows, football matches, basketball games, cricket matches and many other events live. It’s always entertaining and pleasurable to watch events live. It is essential for us to buy tickets in order to see the events. In the present technologically developed world, people can buy tickets as easily and quickly as possible. Internet allows people to do a lot of things including shopping different…


Instagram Marketing Guide: How to Utilise Instagram Followers for Your Business

If you run your own business you probably already know the importance of building your brand. Your social media presence can be a great way to kick-start your business into something recognisable. You may already know the importance of building an Instagram following, but are struggling with how to properly utilise your followers. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your Instagram account. Stay…


Save Time, Money and Energy With Nursing Student Scheduling Software

For those in the healthcare industry, we know how taxing nurse scheduling can be. It comes with a wide range of challenges. Why waste your precious time using traditional scheduling methods when you can have the job done within split seconds with nursing scheduling software designed to make your scheduling tasks simple, fast, easy and convenient. With nursing scheduling software, you can opt for the self scheduling option or the…


Microwave Radiation: Something You May Not Even Consider

A microwave is a type of electromagnetic radiation, which are used in communication, radar and even cooking. They are waves of radiation that run on different wavelengths and frequencies. They can be very harmful to the human body which is why protection is important when coming into contact with microwaves. Many will see the word microwave and think of the device we use to heat our food. This is because…


Secure Your Home With Advance Driveway Alarms System

The Driveway Alarms are the amazing devices that are designed for detecting the vehicles or people who are entering the property through the driveway. In the modern days, there are more crimes happening around the world so that it is necessary to protect ourselves from the future calamities in the extensive manner. It is important that our home must be installed with the precaution driveway alarm systems that are integrated…

Meizu M3 02

Meizu M3 Vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Comparison

When it comes to smartphones, Indian market is the favourite playing field for all tech-giants. From Samsung and Apple to the latest entrants from China, every smartphone maker understands the value of swaying the Indian market with tempting budget focused phones. We already have seen the likes of Xiaomi and Lenovo. But now it is time to talk about someone new and as impressive as our favourite players! Meizu, the…


Advanced Features of Soldering and Desoldering Station

Soldering is an important component of PCB assembly in today’s electronics industry. With an increase in demand for PCBs that need to be created with a high level of accuracy and stability; soldering and desoldering stations too, are in greater demand in the market. The evolving needs of the electronics manufacturing industry have led to a series of innovations in the category of soldering and desoldering stations. The desoldering equipment…


How Realistic is Microsoft’s “1 Billion Devices on Windows 10” Goal?

Microsoft has set itself the objective of one billion gadgets running Windows 10. Yet, hitting that number isn’t the main thing it needs to stress over. The objective was set even before Windows 10 had been dispatched. In April a year ago in front of the July dispatch of the working framework, Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s VP of working frameworks, said: “Inside a few years of Windows 10’s discharge, there will…