Just Because We Love Technology Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Have Fashion Sense

A lot of people in society associate anybody who has an interest in technology as nerds with bad fashion sense but high intelligence. Just like all nerds aren’t actually smart, not all techies lack fashion sense. This winter, let your inner fashionista shine with an entirely new look from Herbergers.com without blowing your bank! Here are some of our suggestions on how to keep yourself looking great without emptying your bank.

Jewelry and Watches

Yes, that sounds expensive but right now, Herberger’s has some amazing deals on watches and jewelry of all kinds. Everything from leather wristband classic watches for him, to high end bracelets and necklaces for her. Some of the higher end stuff can be pricey, but Herberger’s has the best prices!!


Another great way to stay looking good is with a variety of handbags. Don’t go overboard and get more bags than you will ever need, let alone use, but get a couple different ones. Maybe try each day to match your bag to your shoes or another accessory you have that day.


If your clothes were a cake, your accessories would make up the icing on top. You could almost wear the same thing everyday with different accessories and nobody would notice. Spice up the same dull looks with new scarves, some hats, glasses, etc. Whatever fits your style; you go for Daraz!


What more needs to be said. A strong shoe game is essential to anyone claiming to have good fashion sense. Don’t get caught wearing the same shoes everyday until the sole wears out. Stay up to date with the styles and get a couple different pair. Rotate your shoes depending what you’re wearing. Also, remember to shine and treat your formal shoes to prevent the leather from drying.

No longer do techies need to be grouped in with the fashion clueless. Head over to Herbergers.com and browse their entire selection. Right now they have some amazing holidays deals and free shipping with the Groupon Coupon.