Microwave Radiation: Something You May Not Even Consider

A microwave is a type of electromagnetic radiation, which are used in communication, radar and even cooking. They are waves of radiation that run on different wavelengths and frequencies. They can be very harmful to the human body which is why protection is important when coming into contact with microwaves. Many will see the word microwave and think of the device we use to heat our food. This is because a microwave oven uses these microwaves to do just that. This is a common discussion amongst those that are concerned with the effects of microwave radiation and what it does to the body. There are ways to protect yourself from these radiation sources, such as the use of shielding products from companies like Aires Tech. How do microwaves effect your body?

How Microwaves Work

Microwaves are measured by Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), which is the rate of tissue energy absorption. Human skin can absorb radiation very well, which means that any radiation leakage can damage the body. As microwave ovens are one of the most widely used products that produce microwave radiation, they will be the common topic of discussion in this article.

How Safe is a Microwave Oven?

If a microwave oven leaks the effects can be serious. This is why the FDA has strict limits put on the production of products and how they will protect the users from the effects of radiation leaks. Over time, however, microwave ovens will leak, which likely happens through the seal around the door. Once it starts to leak, it no longer meets the standards set in production. This poses a real problem for those using it. When a person is exposed to this type of radiation they can often experience; insomnia and night sweats, headaches, a weakened immune system, nausea and appetite loss, and even problems with their eyes and vision.

How to Protect Yourself

Limiting your exposure to microwave radiation is key to avoiding these symptoms. However, this is difficult to do with nearly everything around us using some form of radiation. There are different types of shields you can invest in to minimize the amounts around you. There are even different paints you can put on your walls, as well as encasements that will hold the radiation in one area and away from you. Many people don’t even consider how many of the items in their house use microwave radiation to work and this can be a problem for someone’s health. Especially if they are unaware of the damage that can be caused.

While it is difficult to stay away from microwave radiation during these modern times, there are ways to protect yourself from the effects that they can have on your body. If you have many electronics in your home, seeking different shielding options available will likely show an improvement in your health and allow you to live free from worrying what your electronics could be doing to you. With a large variety of options for these shielding products, you shouldn’t have to worry so much.