Use Technology to Maintain Relationships

If you have been struggling to keep your personal relationships healthy because you have just been too busy with work, or, let’s face it, just too heavily invested with the smart phone in front of you right now, then you need to start automating your showing of appreciation. Turning your love for others into an automated process is not as bad as it sounds. We are not suggesting that you set up a recurring e-mail, or even an e-card. Instead, sign up for a delivery of a real life product that you know will make your loved ones happy.

When your loved one opens the door and a delivery person hands them a bouquet, they will squeal with delight. But that delight will turn into true appreciation when they realize the bouquet is not just any bouquet of flowers, but actually an edible arrangement. If you have never heard of edible arrangements before, you need to check out the many incredible products they offer. All of these gorgeous designs are completely edible. So, while your loved one may truly appreciate the aesthetics of a gorgeous bouquet, they can also satisfy their salivating taste buds and chomp right into the gift you get them.

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